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For most people, the sight of a rodent or unknown insect in their living room will have them climbing onto furniture and frantically searching for a phone to call the pest control, exterminator. However, you do not have to panic when you have a pest infestation. You could learn a lot from the exterminator on how to deal with current or prevent future infestations. If you were to sit down with a pest control exterminator, they would likely give you the following pointers

  1. Your Home Will Not Be Free of Infestations Simply Because You Have A Clean Kitchen

While rodents and insects will be more attracted to dirty dishes and leftover food, these are not the only things that attract them into your house. Simply having surfaces that have moisture whether it be in the house or outside the house may result in your home attracting pests. A pest, control exterminator will advise that you unclog your gutters and ensure that water from the downspouts is directed at least 3-4 feet from the house’s wall.

  1. There are Some Bugs You Just Cannot Keep Away

While you may believe that good hygiene will prevent you from getting bedbugs, this is a myth. Bedbugs are different from other insect pests in that they do not care about moisture or food – all they need is blood. Bedbugs will get into your home through hitchhiking on furniture, luggage, or clothing that you bring in from an infested place. As such, it is critical to ensure that you inspect all items before bringing them into the house, if you suspect they may have come from an infested place such as a flea market.

A flea market is the last place you want to be in because you get nothing but second hand materials that are basically hand me downs of other shops so you won’t find your bug solution here even though any hardwood flooring company would be ready to tackle this issue.

  1. The Exterminator Needs Your Help

A pest control, exterminator will do their best to get rid of the pests in your house. Nevertheless, you need to do your part by adhering to instructions to avoid re-infestation. For instance, you have to follow advice by cleaning pools, drying out puddles and keep your garage door closed to ensure insects and rodents do not come back.

  1. When Unsure of What to do Call An Exterminator First

In an information age, you will be tempted to find rodent and bug treatments recommended online from you local hardware store and try to get rid of the problem yourself. In many instances, this will result in misapplication as you may either get the wrong product or use too much or too little. Some treatments that you may buy may make it harder to treat an infestation. For instance, some products used to bomb a bedbug infested house may scatter them all over making them the exterminator’s procedure less effective.

  1. Not Seeing Pests in the home Does not Mean They Are Not Present

Some insects and rodents only come out at night, and you may never see them. Furthermore, while you may not have an insect or rodent problem at present, a change in the seasons may change all that. A pest control, exterminator will tell you that winter is a time when insects and rodents tend to infest houses. So if you do not see any pests in your house, it is important to take measures to exclude them. It is critical to call a pest control, exterminator to cover up any openings such as utility vents, the bottom of doors, vents, holes and cracks with either mesh, screening or hardware cloth before the winter season.

  1. An Exterminator Cannot Help You With Everything

While the exterminator will do his best to solve your pest infestation issues, there are some infestations which are beyond their expertise. Pests such as body and head lice are not the field of the exterminator since they are a public health or medical issue. A pest control exterminator may also not have the licence or training to deal with pests such as snakes. It is thus important that you talk to the pest control, exterminator before you hire them to determine if they have the expertise to deal with your infestation.

  1. Hire An Expert Exterminator

It is not uncommon for even reputable pest control, exterminators to botch a job even if once. However, a good professional will follow up on a job and finish it if it was not done right the first time. It is critical that you research the extermination company to determine their certifications and licences before inviting them to help you fight an infestation in your home. Try to find out if they have been successful in eliminating pests in houses similar to yours.

  1. Treatments Used by Exterminators are Safe

You do not have to worry about the possible environmental or health impact chemicals used by your exterminator may have. Since most reputable pest control management exterminators employ the Integrated Pest Management Process, which makes use of the safest and minimum amount of chemicals to deal effectively with pests. However, it is important that you are educated and are aware of the pest control process that the exterminator is using in your home.