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How to Make the Rank Up Quickly in the PUBG game? – Best 6 Tips to Assist

The PUBG game is incredibly competitive to reach higher tiers due to the prevalent system of ranks. As a player, you will always want to go to a higher level to play with the elite players. With tier-up rewards, you can push your rank to a great extent. As season 15 of this game has come to an end, and the players’ levels have been reset in the new season, it will be the most appropriate time for you to push the rank up as much as you can. Here are some of the best tips to do the same.

Settings of the sensitivity and layout

Layout and the sensitivity setting will be the two most important factors that you need to give very much importance. It will directly affect your gameplay. It is always suggested to keep the layout and sensitivity settings perfect to have the gameplay’s best experience. It will not be acceptable to copy others’ layouts because it may not be suitable for you. Rust account steam will always be better.

The skill of using weapons

Using weapons most professionally will always play a very crucial role in the game. As a player, you should always focus on improving your skill in using various weapons. It will help you a lot to survive in the beginning stages.

You will understand the usage of multiple weapons properly. As a result, you can choose the correct weapons for yourself in the later stage. So, you can release the other unnecessary weapons so that you can have more space in the bag to get some other items. You should have a weapon like grenades for improving the gameplay, and it will surely push your rank up.

Have skills for both surviving and killing

It is essential to have both skills killing and surviving, to get higher points to get your ranks up. By staying for a more extended time, you will get higher points. At the same time,the killing will also be essential for getting more points.

This is why you can always go for third partying, which will ensure more kills for you. Your overall performance in the game will still get calculated. So, you can improve both these skills equally. You can go for rust account steam.

Best time for pushing rank

PUBG season 16 has just started,which is the best time to push up your position. You will find fewer competitions,which is why pushing your place up will be much more comfortable. You need to push up the ranks right now so that you can achieve higher tiers.

Choose the correct landing spot

Choosing the correct landing spot can help you a lot in surviving for a longer time, and thus you can get more points as well. Though the landing will depend a lot on a plane’s trajectory in any BR match, you should always think about your dock carefully as a player. You should not drop at hot drops. In such situations, you may get a lot of enemies together, which will cause more bloodshed. Surviving will be a tricky part in that case.