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Everything You Need To Know About Cooking Steaks On Charcoal Grill

One of the best meals to serve in an outdoor dinner or camping is a nice thick medium rare steak. Not only it is tasty and rich in protein, but it also red wine’s perfect partner. Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, you name it, steak is certainly the number one choice of meal that everyone loves to be served. So if you haven’t tried preparing a nice thick medium rare steak yet, you are definitely missing out. So to help you out, this article will provide you all the basic and important things you need to know on the step by step procedure of cooking best grilled steak on a charcoal grill.

Choosing Your Steak is one of the major factors that you have to carefully consider nowadays. The overall result and quality of your grilled steak will depend on some factors. Hence, to make your first ever grilled steak tender and delicious, here are the important things that you need to carefully look for.

Type of Steak which you should know about

The type of your steak is also an important aspect to consider while choosing the right charcoal grill. If you are new to cooking or if it is your first time to grill steak in a charcoal grill, it is advisable to go for steakhouse classic. Certainly, you will never go wrong with classic cuts such as striploin, T-bone, porterhouse or filet mignon and ribeye.

Grade of Beef – An Important Criteria?

Once you have decided what type and cut of beef you will go for, the next thing that you need to consider is the grade of beef that you want. Be mindful that not all beef is equally created. Hence, careful selection is needed. Generally, all beef is graded according to the amount of intermuscular fats that run throughout it. Always remember that fat is equivalent to flavor. As such, the more fat the beef, the more flavorful it is. In the states, the beef that you can find in the market is usually graded as choice or select, with the option having more fat than select. You could also make a trip to your butcher and know if there is any prime grade beef available.

Its All About Thickness

Another factor that you have to check is the thickness of the steak. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the steak, the better. Generally, a thin steak can be cooked quickly and you will not be able to give it a proper sear on the outside. Hence, always go for a thicker steak.

Ingredients and Materials

  • Steak
  • Spice Rub/Seasoning
  • Charcoal
  • Lighter cube and charcoal chimney
  • Digital instant read thermometer
  • Charcoal Grill

Step 1 – Apply Seasoning

You can buys some readymade seasoning in the market like Malcolm’s AP. However, you can also opt to use pepper, salt, and garlic.

Step 2 – Light Charcoal

Load up your charcoal chimney and light a fire starter. Once your charcoal is ashed already, the next step is to dump it into the grill.

Step 3 – Add seasoning (more)

This step may be optional but experts would always recommend to add more seasonings to make the steak tastier.

Step 4 – Place Your Steak on grill, cook

  • Set your grill to heat at least 500F.
  • Put your steaks on the grill
  • After 2 minutes, rotate the steak
  • After another 3 minutes, flip the steak over

Please be advised that the cooking style and time will vary depending on the type and thickness of the steak.

Top-notch tips for grilling steaks perfectly on charcoal grills

Grilling steaks is an art, and everyone cannot be perfect as it needs a lot of care and concentration to grill them to the right quantity and quality. There are some fantastic tips that can help you to cook amazing grilled steaks without any additional efforts, but you must follow them strictly as a single mistake can destroy the whole dish.

Salt the steak early

The best way to cook steak is by salting it after it is a little bit cooked as if you put salt at an early stage then it may removes out the moisture out of the steak But this happens only if you add salt at the beginning, if you wait for some time and let the steak cook for sometimes and then add salt then it will easily get mixed up in the moisture, keeping the steak soft and tasty. After adding salt to the steak, other nutrients such as sugars, proteins will easily get mixed up with the salt and will give it crisp and mouth-watering texture. You can’t miss the crispy crust as it is the best part.

Remove the coldness

Steak takes time to get adequately cooked; especially, the internal part needs some extra time to be cooked properly, and this time increases when the steak is cold from inside as coldness lowers the speed of cooking. The steak sometimes gets overcooked in this process. To avoid facing this problem, you must keep the steak in the room temperature for an ample amount of time, like 20 to 30 minutes.

Proper searing

Searing steaks properly is highly important to get the best flavor and texture in them. Most of the professional chefs focus more on the searing of the steaks for better cooking. It plays an important role in getting all the flavors properly in the steak and getting a fantastic taste. You must sear the steak for some amount of time until its color turns into dark brown.

Be careful with the thick steaks

Heating the steaks properly is necessary to cook all parts of it, and you can expose them to direct heat for better crisp cooking, but if the steak is thick, it becomes a challenging task to cook it properly. If you keep the thick steak in direct heat, it will get burned because it will take more time to cook the internal part of the steak to properly, and till the time when the heat will reach there, the outer part will be already overcooked.

Heat the moisture heedfully

Moisture is an imperative part of the steaks and when we heat up them, moisture gets lost easily and all the nutritious juices and fats get eliminated from the steak. Less moisture makes it easy to digest but lowers the quality of steak. You must expose it to high heat but from some time only as excess heating can make it lose the moisture. Keep on changing the heat temperatures and stay over the grill as if you leave the steak alone on the grill; the chances for it to get overcooked are greater.


Keeping a check on the time and the temperature is the most important part while cooking the steak as it ensures that the steak doesn’t get overcooked. One thing that you should remember is that the steak keeps on cooking even after being removed from the grill. So you keep a check on the temperature and take off the steak from the grill when it is five degrees lower than the needed temperature. You must also take care of the internal temperature of the steak. You can check that by inserting a thermometer in the inner part of the steak.