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Cvs Rubber Pivot Twin Blade Razors – Saving Doesn’t Translate To Performance

You can find a CVS Pharmacy on almost every street corner, along with the one where the guy with the trench coat, is selling other pharmaceuticals. They are as common as a 7-11, and the size of their corporate growth over the years is staggering. In a way its like my belly, as over the years its expanded due to donuts, buffalo wings, and other high carb foods. CVS has a near monopoly over the “drugstore market,”as they’ve been able to purchase People’s Drug,Eckerd’s, and Long’s. While Rite Aid and Walgreen’s try to keep up, and provide some competition, I think that CVS does deserve some credit for its market strategy. In addition to buying everyone else, they have released their versions of “name brand products” that are guaranteed to save you money.

CVS is now directly challenging the famous Gillette Company in the razor selling business. The CVS brand store razors package used to be plain, but now it says “Compare to Gillette Custom Plus”, right on the front of the bag carrying their supposedly excellent twin blade razors. They have a lubricating strip, a pivoting head, and cost $2 less than a package of ten razors than the folks from Boston sell for. As a guy with a seriously receding hairline, with more hair on my neck than I have on my head, I like to keep the “chrome dome” look. While I’ve lost all of the hair on my head, it seems that I can grow a beard twice a day. In a profession where appearance is at a premium, I’ve been known to shave twice a day to keep the “five o’clock shadow” from appearing at one in the afternoon. Along with the price, the performance of the rasierapparat will be excellent for the users. The use should be done after making proper research at the sites.

Since the Gillette’s do cost a bit of money, I figured it would behoove me to save a few bucks, and to try the CVS brand. Two dollars is a serious pricing difference, especially when you go through razors at a tepid pace. The razors have a green ribbed handle, and a blue head, while covered with a plastic strip to protect the razor. I will give these credit, as those pesky plastic strips can be a pain to slide off, but these just glide right off in under a second. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of praise for the ribbed edges. If you shave in the shower, you’ll quickly see that they are so poorly constructed, that they can just slip right out of your hand. The plastic handle is as cheaply made as I’ve ever seen, and any more than a minor amount of force, will allow these to snap.

Of course, the most important aspect of shaving is how the razor works. You have to use three of these to shave a two day beard. That is so ridiculous, and a complete waste of money. It doesn’t matter how many times you run them under water, as the blade’s dullness is a major detriment to getting rid of those clumps of hair that make you look like the “Wolfman”. As for my head, usually all it takes is one razor to finish the job, with these razors its two to three as well. So a regular shave, and a head shave, are much more expensive than Gillette or other name brand disposable razors.

In addition to the sheer number of razors required to shave, I found these to cause a lot of irritation. My skin was red in various places after a gentle, time consuming shave, and I can’t imagine the pain if I was in a hurry. Under my jaw line , these cheap razors actually caused bleeding, which didn’t hurt but you don’t want to look like that guy shaving in the movie “Airplane.” Its a shame that CVS markets these as a cheaper alternative to Gillette Custom Plus, because I would say that it’s close to deceptive marketing. You are going to pay more in the long run for these, and having irritated skin and bleeding just leaves more disappointment than words can express.