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Couples Therapy Exercises For Trust

There are many different general types of couples therapy exercises, but the drills a couple does together for trust are probably the most important. A couple needs to trust one another before they can truly love each other freely. Trust building work is important and may take a little time, but it will be worth it.

Each person should make a ‘to-do list’ for the upcoming week. Next to each entry, write down whether the activity will build your sense of togetherness, erode your sense of togetherness or have no impact on your sense of togetherness. Our individual choices may not always impact our marriage but there are things that do and we can choose to include our spouse in our activities for a happier, more together union. This is not to say forget about individual time, you still need that.

Another good trust game for a couple is the mirrored conversation. This is an easy thing to do and should be done anytime there is communication but especially when something is wrong between the couple. It’s like water vs dry fasting, if you cant decide, you have to let each other know about it. The man may say to the woman, you work too much. The woman would then say something like, what I hear you say is that I work too much. You are avoiding the ‘you’ phrase or accusing way of putting things.

Day to day activities become routine and separate us from togetherness. Write down daily activities that you can do as a couple. Cooking, folding laundry, grocery shopping are all everyday chores that could be shared and have the two of you spending more time together.

The eye contact exercise is an important trust builder. A couple will sit facing each other holding hands and look into each others eyes for one minutes at a time. They can go longer if they want. They can talk about things or simply look. The idea is to reconnect with the person in front of you without distractions.

Couples therapy exercises for more togetherness will help a couple realize that they are two individuals but that they are also part of a team. Creating time for one another is an important part of being part of a union. In addition, creating activities you both can do together will help bring the two of you together for the long haul.