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Consulting The Stars Is The Latest Solution For Losing Weight

Those constantly struggling with the daily ups and downs on the bathroom scale can add a new reason to their repertoire of excuses for weight gain. Research by a number of astrologers cites our star sign may affect our ability to manage weight.

As silly as it may sound there is some valuable information to be gained from such a claim. Managing weight relies heavily on what we eat and how active we are regardless of our birth date. According to the stars Leo and Aries possess hearty appetites, which could result in weight problems. Aquarius and Pisces, both having a weakness for junk food, could put on a few extra pounds as well. Capricorns, according to star charts, have a fast metabolism which is a plus when it comes to burning off calories. The astrological breakdown of eating habits and food preferences can be useful as an informational guide in planning a diet suited to our particular taste buds.

While astrology has had a dubious reputation of getting the predictions wrong most of the time, certain people still look up to it for a sense of validation because they still have faith in certain astrologers and since this is concerned with weight loss, they’d much rather go for this technique than look up resurge reviews online.

How the Star Chart Can Be Useful

I’m not a Taurus, however, I share their admiration for potatoes, breads and noodles. As such, if Taurus would have difficulty following the Atkins diet because of their fondness for potatoes, breads and noodles so to would I. If hearty appetites are problematic to weight management for Leo and Aries the same would hold true for the millions of others with hearty appetites regardless of their star sign.

The real value to the astrologers’ research is that it further proves what nutritionist and researchers have been saying for years – eating habits can cause fluctuations around the waist. It can be a tool for helping us to decide which foods we should cut back on or eliminate altogether. It can save from us having to endure the daily frustrations with choosing a diet plan destined for failure, as would be my situation if I embarked upon the Atkins diet where potatoes, bread, and noodles would sorely be missed.

Consulting the stars provides prospective dieters with a checklist of questions regarding our food preferences and eating habits. It’s a good starting point for evaluating eating patterns. If you find you share some of the same weaknesses or strengths with the Zodiac you can include the information in your weight management program.

What the Stars Say

Aries, ruled by the element of fire, is said to possess a hearty appetite, especially for appetizers and foods that are red in colour such as lasagne and chicken cacciatore. Aries hurries to the table, especially when hungry, to ensure he or she gets their fair share of the meal. Their voracious appetite is best satisfied at the buffet table where they can munch on a variety of flavours.

The palate of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, is far from finicky. They especially crave sweet foods. A dieting Taurus would find great difficulty adhering to the Atkins diet as giving up potatoes, breads and noodles is unheard of. Their preferences for hearty home-cooked foods serve as a distraction from overindulging at fast food restaurants where extra pounds could creep up on the waist.

The Gemini, notoriously known as busy and sociable people, is a huge fan of the buffet table and smorgasbord where they can sample a variety of foods and socialize all at once. Their multi-tasking mentality suits their “eat and go” style of eating, which isn’t always in line with the principles of good nutrition. They adore muffins, energy bars, fast food and most any other foods not requiring a utensils that fits in with their “mobile” lifestyle.

Cancer, like Taurus, prefers home-style comfort foods such as mashed potatoes, lasagne, spaghetti and meatballs, stews and hearty soups for satisfying their hunger. Deemed natural born cooks by astrologers, Cancer people have an extra edge over others when it comes to sticking to a diet as their passion for creating new dishes provides an endless array of food options suited to the requirements of their diet regime.

Leo, ruled by the Sun, has no trouble when it comes to find good food. They enjoy spicy dishes and nibbling between meals. The meal setting is very important to them. They don’t like eating alone. Said to have a pompous attitude by astrologers, Leo favours fine dining over a casual setting especially with celebrities and children. As with Taurus, Leo has a hefty appetite putting them at risk for adding extra pounds if not carefully monitored.

To the health conscious Virgo, a perfect meal would be one that includes servings from all of the food groups. They both eat and cook for health and good nutrition, which might explain when many vegetarians are often Virgo. They share Gemini and Leo’s passion for nibbling between meals but are opposed to Gemini’s admiration for fast food, which Virgo deems unhealthy. Their meticulous nature is a plus in the kitchen where many meals come out looking as good as they taste.

Libra, born under the sign of Venus, prefers light and elegant fare that has been seasoned sparingly. Their adventurous nature carries over to the table where they are willing to try new foods before passing judgment of yum or yuck based on appearance. Appetizers are an essential food to Libra’s “sample everything” approach at the table, as are sugary treats for their insatiable sweet tooth. The only thing better than good food to a Libra is food that both looks and tastes good. They savour presentation.

The palate of the determined and passionate Scorpio seeks foods full of flavour where their taste buds enjoy a bit of fire in every bite. Curries, lasagne, pizza and chilli peppers are definite palate pleasures as are foods flavoured with basil, cinnamon, garlic and ginger. Scorpio’s obsessive nature and fascination with the mysterious carries over into the kitchen, as well. They have an insatiable appetite for knowing the manner in which foods are prepared and will go to great lengths to uncover secret recipes!

For Sagittarius eating is an adventurous exploration. Willing to try exotic delicacies such as bird’s nest soup, live insects and other foods deemed repulsive by other palates, the Sagittarian is best equipped to survive in the wild. When dining on more edible foods, Sagittarius is fond of anything coming off the barbecue and the hot and spicy flavours of Szechwan Chinese and Indian cuisines.

In stark contrast to the Sagittarian, Capricorn avoids the exotic like most avoid the black plague preferring to feast on more simple, earthy foods. Sheppard’s pie, mashed potatoes, spaghetti and other hearty filling dishes are sure to win rave reviews and satisfy Capricorn’s appetite. Their fast metabolism and inbred discipline are worthy assets when it comes to following a structured diet. Preferring to concentrate on all they do the Capricorn is voted by astrologers to be the least likely sign to enjoy a meal while watching TV or reading the newspaper.

Winning over the palate of an Aquarian is no mystery. They love spicy food! Aquarius is extremely fond of take-out menus, an indulgence that could ultimately show up around the waistline. Most foods are agreeable to Aquarius, however, often times they will shun food fads in favour of his or her established repertoire of favourites. For the Aquarius a day without coffee is unheard of and a difficult habit to break if the need ever arises. Pretty radish flowers or green garnishes are wasted on Aquarius, whose main concern is taste.

The palate of Pisces is rather inconsistent when deciding what to eat. Fond of natural, wholesome food, which often includes the more pricey organic vegetables, Pisces have a great weakness for junk food. Ruled by Neptune, the water sign is without a doubt a true blue seafood lover. Broiled seafood platters, shrimp cocktail, tuna and salmon salad sandwiches are considered excellent morsels when served to Pisces. If it comes from the sea, you can almost bet Pisces will devour it.