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Coffee And Cream Ale – How To Purchase Them

Clutch Coffee has collaborated with Portland’s newest microbrewery and pub, Great Notion Brewing, to bring you a new coffee beer: Clutch Coffee & Cream Ale!

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If you’re thinking this is yet another coffee stout then you will be surprised. Clutch Coffee & Cream Ale is based on a cream ale—a pale, low-hop beer with smooth flavor. Cream ale itself is very easygoing and drinkable. Add Clutch Colombian Coffee and you get a whole new world of flavor in a coffee beer.

Great Notion Brewing is hosting a release party on Saturday, February 6th, starting at noon! Clutch Coffee will be hosting a sampling table at the party from noon ‘til 3:00. Come by for a visit and a pint!

Great Notion Brewing, 2204 NE Alberta Street, #101, Portland, OR 97211

So, how did this come about, you ask? Clutch Coffee President and head roaster Dave Schwanke had heard about Great Notion Brewing and what they were doing with the old Mash Tun brewpub, so he decided to stop in one afternoon to check it out. Dave liked what he saw (and tasted!) and decided to leave a business card with a note on the back for GNB brewmaster James Duggan: “Give me a call if you’d like to collaborate on a coffee beer!”

James called that night and the two talked beer and coffee. Dave is an avid home-brewer, so he fully understands the processes involved with brewing good beer. They met at the brewery a few days later to sample the cream ale and make plans.

Since James wanted to add ground coffee directly to the secondary fermentation, Dave made small cold-brewed samples of all of the coffees currently in the Clutch lineup and took them to the brewery. Dave, James, Paul, and Andy (two more GNBers) played mad scientist with beer and coffee samples for an afternoon until they found the perfect combination and ratio of beer to coffee–Talk about a rough day at the office, eh?!

The next day, Dave brought in a big bucket of coffee and James added it to the beer right in the fermenter! After a day and a half of steeping on the ground coffee, the beer was racked to the bright tank for clarifying and nitrification.

And now it’s ready for you to enjoy! Served on nitro, Clutch Coffee & Cream Ale is a true treat in the coffee beer world.