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Building Up To Handstand Pushups

Hand stand push ups are one of the greatest exercises for building superb strength with nothing besides your body weight. There are just a few other exercises in this category, such as hanging leg raises, pistols and chinnups. There are some things that these all have in common. Unfortunately , few people can do any if each one of them.

So in this piece let’s talk about the way to build up to having the ability to do a handstand pushup. The first step is regular, typical push ups that everyone should be acquainted with. Just set your hands on the floor shoulder width apart, keep the back rigid without sagging or raising the hips. Dip between your arms, keeping the elbows in near to the sides and then push back up. The pushup develops stronger triceps, shoulders and pecs.

A good kick off point is to be in a position to handle 3 sets of 25 push-ups. Next we make them harder.

The way to try this is to raise the feet up on some variety of box or platform. Ensure its stable enough to hold your weight. Nevertheless it can be anything like a bed or couch if you would like. By raising your feet you’ll increase the amount of weight you’ve got to handle in the pushup. The higher you go the tougher it gets. And you can see that eventually you raise your body enough to do a handstand pushup. In this you’re handling 100% of your weight while the standard pushup is only about half.

Go up in height a step at a time. (And yes you are able to use the steps of a staircase too.) This way you keep it easy in progressing. At each level you can work on the 3 sets of 25 reps we talked about earlier. Once you hit that type of progression you may increase the strength to a higher level.

My recommendation is that when you get to the point where you are angled at 45 degrees then you are most probably ready for hand stand push ups.

There are tons of things that go into doing this move in the correct way. Once you kick up against the wall start with just lowering down in control. This is known as a negative. Make sure you adhere to the ‘control ‘ piece or you might end up wounding yourself. If you need someone to help you for assistance when you try it the first time do it.

From the lowering down once you touch the apex of your head to the ground you will push back up. If you’ve done enough work in building up to this step and building your strength you will be able to achieve your first handstand pushup. On top of this workout, you may also consider buying ntaifitness exercise equipment for sale so you can workout at the comfort of your home.

Todd Ludgren is a writer for Lost Art of Hand Balancing where you can learn all sorts of handstands and acrobatic training. Here is an article with much more on how to do a back flip for even more advanced bodyweight training.