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Big Reasons To Buy The New Iphone Right Away

It’s time to admit I’ve got a problem. I’m not an overly proud man, but confessing to an addiction isn’t an easy thing. I have always enjoyed a good gadget and yearned for a better one. That is why I frequently visit every now and then. The first PDAs were so much fun to utilize and play with that I couldn’t resist. I can’t remember how many Palm Pilots I went through. Some were just upgraded and one or two needed to be replaced due to gravity issues. Yes, I dropped them. As good as they were, they didn’t do everything. Next came smart phones, which were wonderful but still limited. Small, hard to read screens couldn’t truly access the web fully.

Then came an Apple iPhone. Not only an excellent phone, which is an indispensable item in today’s world, but a wonderful device for connecting with the world. I honestly can’t remember what it was like not to be accessible all the time.

Email was so easy to set up it practically did it itself. After putting in my user name and password it retrieved all the necessary information and configured it so I didn’t need to fuss. I was sending and receiving email almost immediately

The phone comes with a Safari browser which works surprisingly well, but certainly isn’t as full featured as what we usually use on our home computers. Still I had no problem viewing the websites and blogs I read frequently.

While the screen is by necessity small, it’s quite easy to navigate with just your fingertips. Simple gestures zoom in or out, and move the screen easily around. It does take a little to get used to especially if you’ve got big clumsy fingers like me, but not much. It didn’t take long at all for me to be up to speed.

The one thing that has made the iPhone irresistible is the ability to install applications, or apps. There are apps for just about anything that can be thought of. On the serious side of things there are all sorts of scientific calculators, databases, and person information managers. On the other hand is all the fun stuff. There are games of every type from first-person-shooters to puzzle games like Tetris and all it’s imitators. Downloading the apps to your iPhone is as easy as pushing a button, and after waiting a moment, it installs itself. The apps themselves don’t cost that much. Many are free or just 99 cents. Fortunately many of the more popular apps have ‘lite’ versions which are not as full featured as the regular versions but allow you to get a feel for the program for free.

Whatever the next big technological breakthrough is going to be I can only guess at. Faster microprocessors almost seem a given, but how about a flexible screen that can slip in the smallest pocket? I have no doubt I’ll be happily standing on line to get the next best thing.