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Alpha Meditation Techniques For Getting Quick Relief From Anxiety

Are you someone looking for effective as well as long term measures and ways to relieve anxiety? There are several meditation techniques that will help in getting over the problem both in short and long term. However, it is better to practice meditation techniques regularly so as to have a general attitude and thought pattern that repels anxiety attacks. Among the various meditation techniques alpha meditation has been found to be very effective in calming down nerves and providing a holistic view of life.

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What is alpha meditation?

The obvious question would be regarding alpha meditation and its role when you are looking for ways to relieve anxiety. Remember one thing that if you are under medical care or supervision, consult with your doctor or health and let them know that you will be following meditation techniques. As such there is no problem in this regard and anyone can embark on meditation practices which are of course a long term way of getting out of anxiety attacks and associated problems. Most of the anxiety related problems are there in the beta state of mind. Brainwave patterns are classified as beta, alpha, delta and theta. It is to be noted and that our active brain state where we are conscious of all the problems and associated tension is the beta state of mind. Slowing down brain cycles and coming in a lower brain cycle state of alpha will provide that passive attitude which is imperative in your quest regarding ways to relieve anxiety. Anxiety attacks occur when you are too conscious of everything that is going around and you want to exert your control in each and every situation leading to tensions and worries.

To get rid of anxiety attack forever the mind should be calmed on a regular basis. However, one must not do alpha meditation while driving, using heavy machinery

or at any place where constant attention is required and lack of focus can lead to huge risks and dangers.

Conducting alpha meditation

Sit in a quiet place if possible. You can sit in lotus position or use a chair. Make sure that the back is straight. Close your eyes and look upwards within the eye without moving your head upwards. This means that you will be staring towards your eyebrows at an angle of almost 45 degrees with eyes closed. In this state start counting backwards from 100 to 1 slowly. This will ensure that you have to focus somewhere else. Once you practice regularly the span of counting backwards can be reduced.

Once you finish counting backwards there will be a deep sense of detachment and calmness which can be felt easily. Stay in the state for as long as possible and you may visualize good memories or desired future outcomes to fuel up good feelings. Count from one to five and come out of the alpha state slowly by opening your eyes. Practice this meditation regularly and there are high chances that you will not have to look for other ways to relieve anxiety.