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Acne Prevention is the Best Medicine

Acne prevention is the closest thing to a cure that anyone has found so far. Since most medical professionals have no idea what causes acne, just what triggers it, you will not find products on the market that claim they “cure” acne. Instead most acne medications will simply treat the outbreak and help you prevent the next one. Instead of looking for a cure for acne, most sufferers settle for the products that help with acne prevention. This is why it is important that you choose your acne prevention medication properly. Moreover, medical spas are also quite effective in reducing the effect of acne on your face, however, it is really hard to find good medical spas around you. You can click on Medical Spa Marketing Services to find the best medical spas and other related services around you. 

Acne Prevention is Different for Everyone

Everyone’s skin is different so there is no one-stop solution to acne prevention. Skin will react to different acne medications differently. For example, Person A could use Clearasil as part of their acne prevention routine with great results while Person B may find it to be useless. Plus, you could go your entire life without ever having a pimple and then experience a hormonal change and suddenly find that acne prevention has become part of their daily routine. There are three things, however, that can help everyone with their acne prevention routine. Remember, most doctors do not know what the root cause of acne truly is. We all know that it is caused by the excess build-up of oil in the skin that gets clogged with dirt and bacteria, but we do not know what causes the body to produce the excess oil. That is why there is no true cure, only acne prevention. Three acne triggers that should be considered by everyone are:

Foods that we eat – certain foods can trigger excess oil production

Skincare – some products could irritate the skin

Overall health care – stress and how we care for our bodies can cause outbreaks

Acne Prevention is Helped When you Avoid Acne Triggers

Consider this for a moment: have you ever seen a person of oriental origin with acne? While they may get an occasional pimple – face it, no one is immune – most people of oriental descent have beautiful complexions. Researchers have been looking into the correlation between the food we eat and acne prevention. People who live in countries with high-fat and high-protein diets tend to have more acne problems than those populations that eat foods lower in fat and protein.

People who follow a diet that is high in raw fruits and vegetables seem to have less of a problem with acne. When you compare American teenagers to their counterparts in other countries it’s pretty obvious who eats the high-fat, high-protein diet. These foods are acne triggers and by avoiding them as much as possible, you are taking the first step towards acne prevention. Another big part of acne prevention is skincare. Anyone who uses cosmetics or harsh chemicals on their skin are simply setting themselves up for an acne outbreak if they do not use a gentle cleansing product to remove the dirt and makeup at the end of the day. By using an oil-free, non-comedogenic product every day to take care of your skin and making sure that it is clean, then you are practicing good acne prevention measures. Always look at what the product contains instead of the product name. Sometimes the most popular facial cleansers are not the best.

Finally, taking care of your body by exercising, getting plenty of rest, and drinking water is the last aspect of acne prevention that everyone should consider. Making sure that you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs is also a big consideration. When you get stressed out, it can trigger outbreaks. Taking care of yourself is not only an acne prevention method, but simply a good way to live your life.