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A Chronicle of One Woman’s Foray into Raw Diets

Our good friend Dave handed us this RAW-cumentary since he knows we’re into eating right (most of the time) and healthy living. We just watched it and would like to send out kudos to Dave Flaton (he’s one of the editors of the film and has Spirit in the Sky playing on his site). I have to admit, I was a vegan for a year and a vegetarian for 3 or 4 years. One week I even tried a juice fast. After the third day, my shaking hands and headache convinced me that I didn’t much care for solid food withdrawals. I love cooked veggies and brown rice. In case you don’t know, a raw foods diet is just that: raw foods. They’re not playing. I say this to let you all know that I am not a raw foods diet fanatic, but even I was impressed by Jenna Norwood’s trek to fitness. For the fitness of the body, a person should check the resurge reviews available at online websites. The eating of the healthy food and drinking of the liquids should supplement the dose for the weight reduction. Complete information should be available with the person for the purpose with less side-effect. 

Supercharge Me is about one woman’s journey to fit into a showgirl costume for hallowe’en. At 152 lbs, she checks herself into a raw foods institute in San Diego, CA. For 3 weeks, Jenna undergoes an intense detox program. In one scene, we are even treated to an in-depth colonics session. The audience actually sees a session taking place! That’s mighty gross. In all fairness, the film tells its viewers that folks with a weak stomach had better leave the room for approximately 5 minutes and 16 seconds.

In the three weeks that she is detoxing, Jenna loses 14 lbs, drops cholesterol levels (good and bad), blood sugar levels, blood pressure and becomes slightly anemic. At the end of two years, Jenna is a raw foods chef and tips the scales at 115 lbs. Friends, that’s almost 40 lbs of weight loss in two years. How does this change come about? To begin, her first three days at the institute, she is on a juice fast. No outside food is allowed on the campus and the stove/oven are disconnected in the dorm rooms. Along with the raw foods diet, the detox participants engage in light exercise and classes on digestion and spirituality.

Filmed and edited in the same vein as Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me, this raw-cumentaray is a really cool expose on the raw food world. We learn about enemas, implants, wheat grass, colonics and sun burgers. Did you know you can eat chocolate on a raw foods diet? Ice cream and custard also somehow find their way into the raw foods menus.

James and I are pretty sure we could never enjoy a raw foods diet. Things like ice cream, coffee and lemon heads stand in my way. James got a deer in the headlights look when I suggested we try the diet, even though he later pointed out to me the passage in the book of Daniel where [Daniel] fasts from all rich foods, eating only vegetables and drinking only water. How about you all? Is anyone out there a raw foods fan? Let me know what you think.