6 Good Reasons why I Love Instagram

There is no way in this current world a person can avoid social media. There are many social Medias that offer different services to people across the world. People have different preferences to which is the best. Personally, I think instagram is the best social media in the world. I really love instagram and cannot go a day without spending some time browsing through it. So, when I was asked why I love instagram so much; I realized I have 6 reasons for my great love for instagram. Here below are my reasons for loving instagram.

  1. Instagram is Visual

There is no social media that is more visual than instagram. All the beautiful stories are told by amazing photos. It just keeps me awake all the time. Pictures are a good way of telling a story. Good photos get instagram users free instagram followers.


  1. Instagram is Social

You just don’t view photos in instagram; you can like, heart or even comment on photos. This makes it very social to people. I can even buy instagram followers just to get people commenting and liking my photos.


  1. Instagram is Fun

Taking fresh photos, adding filter and posting them is in itself a very fun activity. People like us who enjoy viewing photos are also entertained by the numerous photos posted every time. You will never miss a photo to make you smile. I am one of the free instagram followers to those people who post photos that can actually make someone smile.


  1. Instagram is Forgiving

Here at instagram, you do not need to lie about your age. The filters can do all the dirty work for you. All you have to do is use the filters when posting for you to get the best photos. With the best photos that make you look younger, you can buy real instagram followers to have many people on your back. Well, am not that old but at least I look younger in instagram than in person.


  1. Instagram is friendly

When I say instagram is friendly, I mean that it can get along with other services such as facebook and twitter. My posts in instagram can be connected with my twitter or facebook accounts. This helps me to get free instagram followers from these sites.


  1. Instagram is Free

Who doesn’t like free things? Well, am in the category of people who love free and good things. All the services here at instagram are freely given. I even find it hard to buy instagram followers though at times I may be forced to do so just heighten my popularity.


Those are my reasons for putting instagram as the top social site in the world.