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5 Hot Fall 2020 Fashions from Brioni

Brioni returns this fall 2020 with dark colors dominating their ready to wear collection for women. Black, brown, gray, and natural shades are used in jackets, suits, and dresses. Like the spring collection, unique necklines and collars are also seen in this fall’s collection. Below are my top five picks from Brioni for this fall season:

The brownish black coat(1) the first model is wearing has an open flap collar with layered sleeves. The length is perfect for not only the fall but the winter season, too: being knee length, this will cover enough of the body to keep you warm during the colder months of the year. Wear this when you go to work at the office or an informal social event this fall.

You can check it out on various online stores like Amazon and Flipkart but it is best if you try it out in an online store, which is out of the question for now due to Covid-19 but still this black coat is going to make you stand out among others.

This ensemble of a skirt and blouse(2) has an unusual color to it: it looks black at first but has green undertones to it. This is a great fall color to wear. The sleeves on the blouse are pleated and a different fabric from the woolen bodice. The bodice has straight lines with a wide leather belt holding it in place. Wear this outfit to a college campus event, informal dinner, or weekend party this fall.

Here is a brown dress(3) that has the rich color of an oak leaf. Sleeveless with panels at the waist, the collar on this dress is also wider than normal, as is the style of Brioni. Add a business suit jacket with this dress and wear it to the office this fall. or you can add a more elegant wrap and wear it to an informal cocktail party or happy hour.

This dark gray dress(4) has a long, wide cowl collar that drapes down upon the top of the bodice. The sleeves are 3/4 length with cuffs, and a black leather belt completes the look seen here. The lines of the skirt are form fitting which makes this dress look very urban chic. Wear this dress to an informal lunch or dinner party.

The last dress(5) on the list has a diagonal pattern in beige against a black background. The collar is also wider that normal which gives the top of the dress a slightly boxy feel. Add a jacket and wear this to the office, or add a bronze belt for an accessory.